Brand Identity, Label Design, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Social Media Strategy

Visual identity, social strategy, and press pack for a Napa Valley based white wine and drink maker, Dan Petroski. Packaging design system for the wine, beer, and vermouth.  

The labels read like pages of a book, containing stories of the wine. The front labels tell the stories in Italian, and as you turn the bottle back the labels reveal translations of the stories in English. 

Extensive research was done on the region of Pompeii (where the winemaker is from and the wine is inspired by) and a unique Massican Blue was created that references the faded Pompeiian blue found on frescoes throughout the region. This color became the heart of the brand, conceptually informing all content and eventually being documented in the Forbes Pigment Collection. A bottle, associated printed material, and the cardboard packaging all hold a permanent place in the archives.

The Frescoes are cropped faded ancient Pompeiian artwork found in the area around Monte Massico, Italy.

Created at Sub Rosa with Hejab Malik

Currently: Creative Director @ The New York Times