New York Times
State of The Times 2024

The Brand Identity
It’s Nice That 

Creative Direction for the annual New York Times “State of The Times” event.

Taking cues from the folded newspaper and the printing process, the identity utilizes a graphic as the instrumental centerpiece for all expressions, serving as an “entrance” into the content for the day. The graphic conveys a larger idea about the Times in a simplified way— from the literalness of the print pages turning to the constant change involved in addressing the news cycles. Speakers names, titles, headshots and programming information loops into the graphic in dynamic and layered ways. This year we pushed the identity further than it had ever been pushed before—designing posters, totes, printed signage, digital signage in the cafeteria, presentations, short NYT culture films, custom music and even a playlist by Questlove.

We wanted the motion language to feel expansive—conveying an idea of interconnectedness and infiniteness. But we also wanted it to not feel dizzying, disconnected or too busy. Like all things in branding—it is a careful push and pull. 

Developed with CC Studio.
Culture films in collaboration with Zack Caplan.
Design support from Vivian Dehning.
Custom music by Corduroi.
Photography by Caleb Bryant Miller.
Project Management by Chris Zaragoza.
Cynara Charles-Pierre is our Executive Leader

Sweatshirt and outdoor posters are conceptual mockup designs. Not produced.

Currently: Creative Director @ The New York Times